Briar with yellow dots

Briar with yellow dots

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Question: Bramble with yellow dots

Dear editor,
Weeks ago I bought and planted (facing south) a so-called bramble of St. Francis, that is to say without thorns, and a few days ago I observed some yellow-orange dots under the leaves.
Is it a parasite?
And if so, is there a non-chemical remedy to fight it?
Thank you very much,
Torrita di Siena

Briar with yellow dots: Answer: Briar with yellow dots

Dear Silvia,
Thank you for contacting us about the problem on your plant through the "" expert's column.
The presence of yellow-orange dots on its bramble plant is probably attributable to insects belonging to the genus of cochineal.
Scale insects are a vast group of insects that can strike every part of the plant, sucking the sap up to cause the total decay of the host and in the specific case of the bush of St. Francis they can bring it to complete defoliation.
As a first intervention, we would advise you to distance this plant from others, if possible, in order to avoid propagation of the parasites, then to prune the portion of the foliage most affected so as to reinforce the internal vegetative part. In addition to these agronomic interventions we are not aware of alternative anticoccidial techniques
With best regards