Geranium: Generalities

Geranium first appeared in Europe between the end of the 1600s and the beginning of the 1700s. The beauty of the flower was not immediately appreciated but only after some decades. The reputation of the geranium reached its peak during the Victorian era, when, especially in Britain, but also in the rest of Europe, the mansion gardens of the lords were embellished and enriched with every known variety of geranium. Within a few years, however, the popularity and fame of this flower suffered a severe setback, so much so that in the nineteenth century geranium was defined as the flower of the street. In our day, beautiful geraniums adorn the balconies and terraces of our houses during the summer. Famous are the decongestant properties of geranium and the ability of their scent to keep insects away. The meaning attributed to this flower varies according to the color and the variety: the red geranium means consolation, the pink predilection, the geranium edera fidelity and stability.