You do, kind, what you like!
With Camelia I am already at peace;
neither does that foreign flower seem to me
if ottien the empire of the other flowers.
Let those who indulge in you, woman
s'irbitra kingdoms on a thousand cor?
No, roses have no pure
fragrance springs; but nature
to a sipe of sharp thorns
he did not warn his belt.
And if the one flower resembles love
the other is the image of the friend.
Changing docile color and remains
la Camelia in its leaves,
or all white stita
to a mesta vergin simil,
now purple shines dressed
as a new gentle wife.
Poor flower! Shapes and color
well of the stars you have,
but where you will find, poor flower,
the wings and the light to go up there?
EMBLEMS. The beauty of the Camellia flowers and the duration of their flowering have contributed to making the very shrub a symbol of COSTANZA, BELTŠ PLEASURE and VIRGINITY.