Rosa Acapella

Rosa Acapella

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The Acapella rose is a magnificent Tea Hybrid with large two-colored flowers; cherry red inside and silver on the outside.
Produces long strong and straight stems. This variety has good resistance to diseases and even at low winter temperatures. It is a reviving rose that reaches a height of about 80/100 cm.
It is also much loved for its intense fragrance. It is successfully used also as a cut flower, for the creation of particular floral compositions.

Rosa Acapella: Care of roses

Roses of this variety, like most tea hybrids, are quite hardy and resistant and do not need significant interventions to develop strong and luxuriant. These roses are also resistant to cold, allowing them to be cultivated in the open ground even in those areas where winter temperatures drop considerably.
To have the best flowering, however, it is good to remember that roses need a lot of light, possibly with a direct radiation for a few hours a day. Another note to remember is that concerning the type of land to be chosen to have healthy and robust plants. Roses, in fact, love soft soils, with a slight acidity and, above all, have a good level of drainage, so that the formation of stagnant water is prevented.
At the end of winter, then, it is possible to intervene with the supply of slow-release fertilizer to guarantee all the necessary nutrition.