Purple Haze

Purple Haze

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In the assortment of ground cover varieties is a novelty thanks to the unusual and interesting change of color ranging from cardinal red to purple, maintaining the velvety shine. This variety has a very vigorous growth and has an incredibly high amount of flowers. It finds its best use in all the embellishments of the landscape and also of the gardens. Planting: 3 plants / m2.

Purple Haze: Ground covering roses

A rose of extreme beauty, purple haze is a ground covering variety that is particularly suitable for covering large tracts of land and thus giving the garden a new, lively and elegant appearance. Ground covering roses are loved and widely cultivated thanks to their beauty but above all, thanks to their ease of growth and their exceptional resistance to the attack of diseases and parasites. They develop horizontally creating beautiful low but lush roses. The purple haze, with its bright colors, will transform the green space of the house into a beautiful garden to be experienced.