Cultivation of santpaulia

Cultivation of santpaulia

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Santpaulia cultivation:

Saintpaulias are small herbaceous plants, easy to grow and with prolonged flowering. They form a dense rosette of fleshy leaves, among which bloom small flowers similar to violets; flowering often continues throughout the year. They are cultivated in small containers, since the root system is generally small, using universal soil; in spring the Saintpaulias, often after the first flowering, produce small rosettes of leaves on the sides of the mother plant: it is advisable to remove these new seedlings and repot them individually. Watering must be very regular, year round we try to keep the substratum constantly moist, but not excessively soaked with water; every 12-15 days we add some fertilizer for flowering plants to the water of the waterings. When we supply water to the saintpaulias we avoid to wet the fleshy leaves, which could become wet if attacked by fungal parasites. These plants need well-lit positions, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight; are grown in the apartment, as they fear temperatures below 12-15 ° C. We propagate these small plants by taking the leaves at the base of the petiole, using a cutter or a very sharp blade, and placing them to root in water or in a mixture of peat and sand in equal parts, which must always be kept slightly moist.


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