Plant a tree

Plant a tree:

Before placing a tall tree in the garden it is advisable to measure the available space, remembering that over the years the plant will widen a lot, and therefore will need a space that has a diameter of at least 3-4 meters; it is advisable to measure carefully, so as to position our tree at least three meters from the boundaries of our property, since this is the distance required by law. Found the right place we practice a large hole, which can easily contain the radical bread of our tree. We work with the hoe and spade the bottom of the hole, so that the soil is soft, not too compact. Then mix the resulting soil of the excavation with organic fertilizer and universal soil, so as to use a good soil to cover the roots of the plant. We place our tree, remembering that it will be buried at the same depth as it was in the pot or in the nursery from which it was removed. If it is necessary we add more earth to the hole, or leviamone, until the base of the stem is at the level of the surrounding soil. So we position our plant and cover the roots with the soil of which is enriched and well worked. If the soil of our garden is of poor quality we can cover all the roots with universal soil, so as to favor the development of the root system of the new tree. Once the excavation is filled, we press the ground at the base of the trunk, with the feet or the spade, so as to compact it, and water abundantly. To prevent the newly planted plant from falling due to the wind, it is advisable to build a support structure around the stem for the first few years of life; it is sufficient to fix 3 thin poles, to be positioned obliquely with respect to the plant's growth direction, so that it has time to take root in the soil before being subjected to thrusts due to bad weather.