Anti hail net

Anti hail net

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Anti hail net:

During the sudden and violent summer storms there is often the precipitation of hail, which quickly ruins the young plants of the garden; to avoid damage due to this atmospheric event it is advisable to repair the garden, or at least the most delicate plants, with anti-hail nets. In the vegetable garden the green color net is used, which shelters the plants from the hail, but lets the sunlight pass through, without creating shaded areas, which could reduce the amount of the harvest. To suspend over the vegetable garden a light and resistant net it is necessary to prepare a structure of support poles; if the garden is small, the support structure can be an umbrella, so with a single pole that supports a small net in the center, or 3-4 piling that support the net on the sides. If, on the other hand, the garden is larger, it is necessary to provide a more robust structure, for example a house or a tunnel. In the first case we will need 4-6 pilings that support a perimeter frame and a central culmination to which to anchor the net, in order to simulate the roof of a house. The tunnel structure, on the other hand, is much simpler: semi-circular poles are fixed to 4-6 standing poles, on which the net will be fixed. The anti-hail net exists in various formats, thicknesses and textures; it is fixed to the support structure by means of special hooks, which are anchored for a few centimeters to the net, thus preventing it from tearing due to the wind; we try to fix the net to the supports using a hook every 50-70 cm, so that the stresses due to the wind and to the bad weather are divided along a good number of hooks, and do not insist in a few points of the net, thus going to tear it.