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Weathervane rooster


The weathercock can also be placed in the garden, perhaps placing it at a certain height. Its function is to indicate the wind direction. Today it has become an element of adornment in your home, in fact, there are many houses on whose roofs this cute cockerel can be seen moving.


It is a structure that reproduces the shape of a rooster, which can be made of different materials. Copper, treated steel and plastic are the most used ones. Copper is undoubtedly the material that makes it more valuable, even if all three are used precisely because they do not fear temperature changes. The weathercock can be purchased at large shopping centers or can be custom made. For the realization of the weathercock first of all we must have a silhouette of the animal itself and, if we are not very experienced in the technique of drawing, on the net we can find many shapes of roosters. However, it is necessary to use a rather rigid material for the construction, which can be quite resistant even to strong gusts of wind. This accessory can also indicate cardinal points. When you buy at a store, it is sold together with its assembly kit, to make installation easier.

Funny gift idea

When the cock is to be placed on the roofs it is necessary to pay attention, so if you suffer from vertigo it is better to avoid it. The cockerel made of copper or steel is generally not colored, while those made of plastic material can also be colored. It could be a fun gift idea for a friend or a nice accessory to modernize the look of your garden. Not everyone likes it, some buy it just to make the green space more cheerful, others maybe because they find it nice to see it running on the roofs of their neighbor. Today, thanks also to the existence of more scientific methods, we do not rely on the direction in which the cock runs to find out where the wind blows, but it is still a very nice object that continues to be quite in demand. Country houses cannot fail to have a weathercock that reproduces the indispensable animal among the hens.


Beyond any consideration, those who decide to buy a weathercock do so above all to improve the aesthetics of their home. As we have seen, the weathercock can also be built by itself, using very little money. Once purchased, however, and also in this case the cost is quite accessible, requires no maintenance, remains unchanged in its beauty for many years. The axis that indicates the four cardinal points is left mobile to turn under the force of the wind, and the cock is above. Those who decide to install it at the entrance of their home, or of their own garden, have the real possibility of seeing the direction that the cock takes, compared to those who instead install it on the roof, and therefore they will have to go outside to be able to observe it. . The weathercock, together with the garden dwarfs, is a strongly decorative element, which has now become part of the tradition of our most typical garden. The weathercock is also known as the wind vane.

Shapes and patterns

This particular element does not only exist in the form of the cockerel but also of other animals or objects, even if the most famous is certainly the cockerel because it is the most characteristic and chosen. The trick required to ensure that the wind vane can function properly is to equip itself with a compass to orient it, since once set, it will be impossible to give it the right direction. If we observe with particular attention, the position in which the cock is represented is not always the same. In some cases, the cockerel is represented while walking, in others while singing, in others still in a firm position. Depending on the material used, the weathercock appears flat, or rounded, with the tail open and carved or with the tail represented by small tufts. The colored version has something more modern, and attracts more attention than the copper version. Every rooster weathercock it has its own expression also in the face.

How to orient yourself in the choice

These are precisely the characteristics that guide the choice of one wing nut rather than another. Taking a quick tour on the Internet will allow you to get to know an infinite number of wind vane cockerels and also get an idea of ​​what you like best. Also, online, you can also find virtual shops that sell them, some even at a very competitive price. And if, once installed in the garden or on the roof, it does not seem suitable to the style of your home, you can always remove it. It is therefore appropriate to have clear ideas.

Galletto wind vane: garden furniture: Weather vane

Over time, garden and outdoor furniture has become increasingly important.
The garden is in fact the refuge in the green that each of us cannot live in our own cities, often too chaotic and not very generous with greenery.
Then furnishing the garden becomes a pleasure for the mind and a source of relaxation.
Even some small details can define a style such as the weathervane cock.
Its function is known and described by the name.
The cock is used to indicate the wind direction