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Garden ovens


At the time of the purchase of the masonry barbecue is also proposed the alternative of buying one that also has the oven. It is an oven in all respects, only smaller than the classic one we are used to seeing in pizzerias or bakeries. The classic dome shape allows having the same characteristics, and can be used not only for bread but also for desserts, pizza and anything else you can cook directly in the oven. Lighting the oven inside the house during the summer means heating the kitchen almost suffocatingly; using instead the one placed outside it is possible to disperse in the surrounding environment that heat which would remain concentrated in a room in a kitchen. Furthermore you have the possibility to taste a different taste, because the use of wood for the oven will give a particular flavor to the food. In this way the cooking will be gradual and spread evenly, since once the oven is closed, the heat will spread in every corner and this will allow to obtain a perfectly cooked food.

Models and uses

When you decide to take the model associated with the barbecue, you can buy garden ovens of different sizes. Alternatively, the oven can be made directly in your own garden, relying on expert workers. In this way the size of the oven will be chosen directly by the customer and will meet his needs. Naturally, the larger the oven, the greater the amount of wood used to light it, as it will be necessary to heat the entire floor and not just the area in which it is decided to cook.
For those who want to make bread at home it is the ideal solution, as well as for those who like to make pizza and bake in the oven. It looks like an important complementary element to the barbecue, because if on one side a barbecue is prepared, in the oven you can cook a lasagna or some excellent potatoes to accompany the chicken. The garden oven must have a rather comfortable height to allow those who use it to easily bake and churn out the dishes.

Stages of realization

To carry it out on its own it is necessary to have a minimum of competence and above all the space available. The phases that lead to the creation of a furnace are different and require a rather long process: if you want to build a wood-fired oven in your garden, you will need to create a reinforced concrete floor that must be left to rest for at least a week. Then we will proceed to the formation of the base and the realization of the closure by means of the refractory bricks. The insulation layer must be as thick as the size and intensity of the oven. The support surface must be reinforced by means of a metal mesh. Compared to a classic oven, the small garden ovens follow a slightly different construction because the size is quite different. In this case we have seen the creation of a garden oven with refractory bricks, where these must be used in such a way as to create a sort of protection at the base of the oven and must not be replaced with other materials unless they are equally suitable , since these are bricks created specifically to support a rather high heat, as well as being also easily cleanable.

Maintenance and cleaning

As with barbecue, the oven also needs proper maintenance and cleaning. Before using it, check that it is always properly cleaned because, as in the case of bread and pizza, the food is placed directly on the base. When it has to be cleaned because it will no longer be used, it will be necessary to collect all the ash and close the oven. For the closing of the oven a small interlocking door or a fixed door is used, which prevents, considering that it is installed in the garden, that during the winter period small animals can enter it.

Garden ovens: Costs

The average cost of a garden oven varies greatly depending on the material used and depends on the customer's choice to choose a prefabricated model or to create a custom-made model. In both cases you will have the convenience of an oven to be used for various reasons directly in the garden, to cook excellent dishes that otherwise could only be found in a pizzeria.
Accessories and passion
At the base there must be a strong passion for the wood-fired oven, also because to light it, at least the first few times, when you are not very experienced, it will take a lot of patience and not always on the first attempt it will be possible to have the right temperature for cooking and you will risk to burn something. To use the oven you must also have accessories that allow you to bake both pizzas and bread, since the top on which they must rest is not easily accessible.