How eggplant planting is carried out

How eggplant planting is carried out

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Consider how planting eggplant carried out. This is a capricious moisture-loving vegetable. It is believed that this is a whole test for the gardener.

How to plant an eggplant

This plant long period, for which he takes root. Seeds sprout after 10-15 days. To grow seedlings without a pick - it takes 40-45 days, if grown with a pick in suitable pots - it will take 50-60 days. The next steps follow.

  • When germinating seeds, maintain the optimum temperature +22 ... + 26 С;
  • When shoots appear, it is lowered to +13 ... + 16 C (for this, the seedlings are placed on a cold windowsill, as close to the glass as possible), then the root system of the plant will be able to develop better, and the seedlings will not stretch out;
  • When 5-6 days have passed, the temperature must be increased again to +20 ... + 25 С;
  • When the first real leaf appears, the seedlings are dived over the hills. It is necessary to shade from bright direct sunlight, waiting for it to take root;
  • Then for 4-5 weeks your seedlings will have to be illuminated with daylight devices, this will noticeably accelerate development. When the time comes for transplanting into open ground, according to the parameters, the sprouts should have 5-7 strong leaves. The sprout should be 20-25 cm high.

In Russian conditions, seedlings are transplanted at the end of May, possibly at the beginning of June. The main thing is to wait until the end of the period of dangerous frosts. After June 10, the bed becomes warm, you can plant the shoots in open ground. They are first covered with covering materials. Feed your eggplants with nitrogen fertilizers. Fight pests. This is how the eggplant is planted.

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