Holly holly - growing and care

Holly holly - growing and care

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Holly or ordinary - highly decorative evergreen or deciduous shrub. Make it such a serrated leathery leaves and berries, which can be orange, red, black, yellow, white in color.

Holly berries ripen in the fall, but even under the snow they remain on the plant. It is worth noting that holly flowers belong to dioecious, that is, to set fruits in one area, it is necessary to plant female and male plants.

In general, a holly is a rather large domed shrub or tree, reaching a height of 2-10 meters. A characteristic feature of the plant is the lower shoots hanging to the ground, which very often take root. Fruits are small, not exceeding a pea in size, but numerous, poisonous.

It is better to grow holly holly in a cool place in your garden, they do not tolerate high temperatures and drought. But in the shade and with sufficient watering they grow well. Even in the winter sun, holly reacts negatively.

Young plants in the spring with increased solar activity should be covered to avoid burns.

Heavy growing soils will not work. Plant holly in well-drained, light, fertile soil. Heavy soil adversely affects the winter hardiness of this shrub.

Holly tolerates a haircut very well, therefore hedges from it are magnificent. In European countries, holly, due to its carved foliage and bright berries, is popular as a Christmas plant; festive garlands and wreaths are made from it.

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