Planting and caring for rhododendron: how to do it right

Planting and caring for rhododendron: how to do it right

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If you want your garden or plot to be decorated rhododendrons, remember, that planting and caring for rhododendron require certain rules to be followed. The best for rhododendrons are loose, water and air permeable acidic soils that require high humidity and soil. Rhododendrons do not tolerate the presence of groundwater and stagnant water, so when planting, you need to take care of good drainage.

With the correct fit rhododendrons take root well and do not need special care. They need regular wateringhowever, they can also die from excess moisture. In hot summer, water them 2-3 times a week, using up to 10 liters of water for each plant. The first two to three years after planting, rhododendrons need shelter with dry oak leaves or Christmas tree needles, and in order for them to successfully overwinter, they should be watered abundantly before the onset of frost on the soil.

Rhododendrons love spraying the whole bush, but you can't do it with too cold water. For irrigation, it is best to use river or rainwater, which is much softer than tap or artesian water. To prevent alkalization of the soil substrate, water for irrigation must be acidified. You should also break off or carefully cut off wilted inflorescences to prevent a decrease in the decorative effect of the plant, while you need to monitor the safety of the axillary buds of the upper leaves. If you follow these simple rules, then planting and caring for rhododendron will result in abundant growth and flowering of these beautiful plants in your area.

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