Yucca flower in the photo and in your home

Yucca flower in the photo and in your home

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Who sees yucca flower pictured, almost always thinks it's a palm tree. It is called a "false palm" because in indoor conditions it looks like a lignified trunk, more often with several leafy tops.

To grow yucca, it is necessary to choose the optimal conditions: high illumination and a warm room. This plant is especially demanding for the amount of light at a young age, however, it must be borne in mind that direct sunlight is undesirable. Therefore, near windows facing south, the yucca must be shaded in the hot daytime hours. In the summer, it is better to take the yucca to fresh air, but provide a place protected from the winds.

In summer, the optimum temperature for a plant is + 20 + 25 degrees, and in winter it is necessary to reduce the temperature of the content to +10 degrees. Drafts and sudden hypothermia in winter can result in the death of the plant.

If in winter the temperature is higher than the recommended one, and there is little light, then the yucca shoots stretch out, the leaves droop, lose their density and brightness of color. Due to weakening, pests appear on yucca: spider mites, mealybugs, and yellowed leaves fall off.

In spring and summer, yucca is watered abundantly after the soil in a pot has dried to a depth of about 5 cm. In winter, watering is reduced, since at low air temperatures and excessive humidity, the roots of the plant rot, the yucca may die.

The yucca flower in the photo on the Internet is often depicted blooming with beautiful white flowers on a pyramidal tall peduncle. Alas, in indoor conditions this plant almost never blooms. And if you grow it outdoors in a warm climate, then there is a chance to see it blooming.

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