Sunny, fluffy goldenrod

Sunny, fluffy goldenrod

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The Latin name for this yellow-flowering herb is Solidago, which in translation means strong and healthy. An unpretentious, resistant shrub possesses anti-inflammatory, diuretic and astringent properties... In folk medicine, it is used for diseases of the stomach and intestines, inflammation of the genitourinary system, kidney stones and some skin diseases.

Goldenrod in the photo - this is a bright flash of the last summer colors, farewell to the hot times of vacations and adventures. Its yellow panicles will perfectly fit into many garden compositions. But, so that it does not grow too much, you will need to cut off wilted inflorescences.

If you have little time to care for your garden, you need a goldenrod. He grows in any soil and at almost any temperature (but still prefers bright places and moist fertile soils). It can be only 30 centimeters high, or it can stretch up to two meters (depending on the variety).

This plant - good honey plant... During the flowering period, it is sometimes difficult to approach it - so many bees gather and swarm in it. Many beekeepers are looking for seedlings of this semi-wild crop for a sweet harvest.

Another plus of goldenrod is that beautiful fluffy dried compositions for the winter are obtained from it. The owners of this pretty bush also note delicate pleasant aroma, which is published by its small numerous flowers.

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