Einehead - cute thorn

Einehead - cute thorn

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There are about 250 kinds this interesting plant. Wild and cultured, they have their uses and in folk medicine, and for decorative purposes, and even performing a mystical mission to drive away devils from the house. Erythematosus flat-leaved, for example, that's why it got the second name - chertogon. It has been cultivated for a long time and successfully in all countries of the former USSR and not only.

The most spectacular appearance is different alpine erythematosus... Although in this regard, you can also conduct creative arguments. After all, many thorn lovers like the star-shaped seaside view. There is also a very original erythematosus amethyst, and Burg, giant other.

In folk medicine, this plant is used as blood purifier and sedative... Einehead has anti-inflammatory, pain relievers, antitoxic properties. It is used for whooping cough and bronchitis, scrofula and kidney stones, as well as for many other diseases of varying severity.

For a florist, erythematosus is a real find. Plucked during the flowering period, he perfectly retains its shape and color, which is very useful in the design of durable compositions and bouquets. I personally really liked erythematosus in the photo... Looking at him I want to create real masterpieces of landscape design.

Einehead is important: sunny place, sufficient moisture and good drainage (loosening the soil), weeding. Some species thrive even on hard stone clays.

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