Kobeya climbing - liana for beauty

Kobeya climbing - liana for beauty

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Vines are traditionally used to decorate personal plots, gazebos, balconies, etc. It is to such beautiful flowering vines that kobea climbing... This vine comes from warm regions, where it grows all year round, reaching 4 meters in height.

In most of the territory of Russia, the kobei is an annual liana, which is planted annually, grown from seeds. Yes, and in central Russia, this beautifully blooming liana can be grown as a perennial. But in this case, it must be dug up for the winter, transplanted into a container, and left to winter in a room with a temperature of at least +5 degrees.

Kobei grows very quickly, covering the areas intended for it with a green carpet, decorated with large flowers, up to 8 centimeters in diameter. Kobei flowers are very beautiful - they are similar in shape to bells, they are decorated with protruding stamens. In kobei, climbing flowers come in two shades - white or purple, which can be of different intensity and variegation.

Growing kobei from seeds - it's not too troublesome, if you carefully consider the conditions of their germination. It is necessary to sow seeds for seedlings in early to mid-March. Not later than! Otherwise, the plants, even if they start growing successfully, will not have time to show themselves in all their glory, having died from the very first light frosts. Before planting seeds in the ground, experienced gardeners recommend soak them in a growth promoter for flower plants. Since the seeds of kobei climbing are large enough, they are best served right away. plant one at a time in special containers. The most successful way of growing is foil folded into a "cup", unrolling it, you can transplant kobei sprouts without damaging the roots at all.

Before the kobei is planted for permanent residence, its sprouts will have to be transplanted again - in a container with a volume of 3-4 liters. This must be done so that the root system can develop as it needs. In the open ground climbing a kobei planted with the onset of stable heat - at the beginning of June, while it is necessary to handle the shoots as carefully as possible so as not to damage them. Then the climbing kobea will become a real highlight of your site, rewarding you with a beautiful flowering.

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