Strawberry planting scheme

Strawberry planting scheme

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Who doesn't love strawberries! And especially the one that we plant and grow so lovingly in our garden!

But not everyone knows how to do it correctly, and not everyone manages to get a good harvest, this sweet berry. So what's the secret? And the secret is in the correct planting of strawberries. Here is a scheme for planting strawberries: for a start, and everyone knows that you need to prepare seedlings in late February, early March. You should not limit the seeds in space, that is, if you are planting in a box, then you should place the seeds after 5 centimeters! If you use peat pots, then it is worth sowing 1-2 grains in each, if these are peat tablets, then 1 grain each!

Remember to add moisture to the soil. As soon as the first shoots appear, the seedlings can be planted in open ground, usually this is done either in late spring or early summer!

It is worth recalling that the scheme for planting strawberries in peat is also special! It must be remembered that seedlings will grow if they are planted too close to each other. then they will very often have to be seated! I suggest planting seedlings every 10-15 cm, so you don't have to constantly fight for the place of the next batch of strawberries!

Happy harvest, dear strawberry lovers!

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