What should be the home care for cyclamen?

What should be the home care for cyclamen?

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A bright and unusual flower called cyclamen - favorite of many flower growers... The popularity of this plant is primarily due to its attractive appearance: above the dark leathery leaves, which have a heart-shaped shape, as if a flock of exotic butterflies, colored depending on the type of plant, are circling in white or one of the shades of reddish-pink range... The only disadvantage of this plant is its capriciousness: caring for cyclamen at home has a number of subtleties and nuances, without which the plant will ache and wither.

So, from the end of October to the end of March, that is, during the flowering period, the cyclamen should be in a sunny but cool placewhere the temperature does not exceed 15-17 degrees. If it is impossible to provide such conditions for the flower, it must be sprayed daily, making sure that moisture does not get on the flowers and corms. At the same time, the plant does not tolerate direct sunlight: it is best to place the cyclamen pot on a window covered with light tulle. Home care for cyclamen during the flowering period also includes regular, but not overly abundant watering. It is very important that the water does not get into the sprouting zone of the bulb, so it is better to pour it into the edge of the pot.

At the onset of a dormant period after the beginning of yellowing of the leaves, the plant should be watered quite rarely, just so that the earth does not dry out. In July-August, new leaves begin to appear on the cyclamen, and at this time the flower should be transplanted into a fresh earthen mixture consisting of humus, leafy earth and peat.

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