When to plant cannes

When to plant cannes

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Canna refers to a genus that includes more than fifty plant species. In Russia, this plant became known thanks to Peter I.

Planting conditions and care rules are the same for all species of this garden plant. Kanna is very fond of the sun, tolerates heat very well. Fertile and loose soils are suitable for her, a mixture of fertile soil with peat is perfect for canna. The easiest way to grow a canna from a rhizome, it is sold in any flower shop. AND when to plant cannes? Grown up delenki rhizomes planted in open ground in May, this applies to the middle lane, and in the southern regions cannes can be planted even in April... For planting, only healthy rhizomes are selected, on which there are no rotten buds and roots.

You can try to grow cannes from seeds, but you need to know how to do this correctly, when to plant cannes, and what is the optimal temperature regime for them. If you decide to grow this plant from seeds at home, then this is best done in February; a greenhouse is also suitable for these purposes. The flower seeds look like black peas, clothed in a dense peel, after the seed pods ripen in early autumn, they spill out of them. Before planting, the black peas are doused with boiling water, and then put into the freezer for two hours, and then placed back in a warm place. Such preparation will significantly accelerate germination.

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