Rhubarb in the photo. Growing methods

Rhubarb in the photo. Growing methods

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It turns out that rhubarb came to us from China. Grows well in lighted and humid areas.

There are two ways to grow rhubarb.

The first method is growing from seeds. Seeds are planted for seedlings in winter or early spring at home. Then it is thinned out after 3-4 weeks and transplanted. In the fall, matured plants are transferred to a permanent place. But this method has disadvantages, the plant does not inherit varietal properties and does not germinate well.

The second method is growing by dividing the bush. This method is much simpler and gives good results. Pick up 4-5 year old plants, cut them into several pieces with a sharp knife. Planted in spring or autumn. Plants give good yields for 6-7 years. And then it is necessary to transplant again.

Looking at the rhubarb in the photo, we can conclude that this is a large plant and beautiful.
Rhubarb in the photo looks very appetizing. Many tasty and healthy dishes can be prepared from it.

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