The best cucumber seeds are the key to a delicious vegetable

The best cucumber seeds are the key to a delicious vegetable

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With the onset of the summer season, store shelves are filled with many vegetables, the main place among which is occupied by cucumbers. Cucumbers have a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, and also contribute to the release of excess fluid from the body.

But how do you choose a delicious cucumber? After all, it is not possible to be completely sure of the beneficial properties of a vegetable from a store. In this case, each housewife can grow food at home or in the country. The main thing is to choose the best seeds that will bring real and tasty fruit in the future.


  • Top Tips to Consider When Choosing Cucumber Seeds
  • The best types of cucumber seeds
  • Features of growing cucumber seeds, depending on the conditions

Top Tips to Consider When Choosing Cucumber Seeds

The selection of cucumber seeds is a delicate process that depends on the individual's personal preference. Some people like hybrid varieties, while others like pure seeds. In any case, the yield of a crop depends on the quality of their seedlings. You need to approach the choice of seeds carefully and individually in order to get the best fruits on your table in the future.

When choosing seeds for planting cucumbers, it is better to consider the following tips:

  1. The seeds of the hybrid cucumber variety give the highest yield, regardless of the weather, it is better to opt for those seeds on the package of which there is an inscription “without bitterness”. As a result of growing such seeds, you get a sweet vegetable variety.
  2. Seeds of cucumbers, intended for pickling, exclude the formation of voids inside the vegetable and splashing water. Seeds of parthenocarpic cucumbers do not require pollination.

Thus, choosing the best seeds for cucumbers is possible if you follow the advice of experts in this matter.

The best types of cucumber seeds

There are different quantities of cucumber seeds per plant on the market today. By choosing the best varieties, you can grow on your land plot such fruits that everyone will envy. Here are some examples of great seedlings for the finest, most delicious cucumbers.

  • Cucumber seeds Parisian gherkin - bear triangular, medium-lumpy fruits. They have an oblong shape and a thin skin. As a result of growing seeds, each housewife will receive crispy, bitterness-free and very tasty vegetables.
  • Cucumber seeds Mirabell F1 Seminis - bring high yields. The plant does not need pollination by bees, cucumbers grow early and in large quantities. The seeds of such a cucumber are best grown in glass and film greenhouses, but they can also be grown outdoors in vertical and horizontal ways.
  • Ginga F1 seeds - suitable for growing cucumbers in a greenhouse or in a vegetable garden. They bring an early harvest. The seed chamber in such cucumber varieties is small, but the vegetable grows sweet and without emptiness inside.
  • For pickling cucumbers, it is recommended to buy seeds of the Homer F1 type. You can grow seeds in a greenhouse, greenhouse, or outdoors. The plant is resistant to many diseases, easily adapts to habitat conditions. Seedlings of this type will delight you with cucumbers, rich in high taste.

The best seeds are those that produce a delicious vegetable when properly cared for. Each owner has the right to choose which seeds and where to plant.

Features of growing cucumber seeds, depending on the conditions

As you know, cucumbers can be grown in a greenhouse, a greenhouse, in a vegetable garden, and even on a windowsill at home. An important point in this is the method of caring for the seeds, depending on the place and conditions of their growth.

So, for growing seeds outdoors, it is better to choose zoned varieties and hybrids, since they can adapt to the host's place of residence, are disease resistant and bring a rich harvest. In order to plant seeds, first of all, you need to choose a piece of land with a slope to the south. It is better to sow seeds at the end of May, warming them up before that for two hours at a temperature of 60 degrees.

It is better to sow seeds at a distance of up to five centimeters in separate grooves. After sowing cucumber seeds, it is not recommended to water them, as the water pushes out the air necessary for their germination.

In a greenhouse or greenhouse, it is better to sow vegetable seeds that do not need insect pollination. For normal seed growth, a high air temperature is required, since when it drops to 12 degrees, the seeds stop germinating.

The most suitable temperature for seed growth is around 28 degrees. In hot air, it is important to ensure that the ground is moist, as cucumbers love moisture. In this regard, when growing seeds in a greenhouse or greenhouse, it is necessary to include the possibility of frequent watering of the soil, since dry land negatively affects the growth and fruiting of the plant. It is also important to create optimal conditions for light to hit the seeds. This contributes to their rapid exit to the outside.

To grow cucumber seeds on the windowsill at home, you need high-quality land and a window sill open to sunlight. At the same time, it is better to plant self-pollinated hybrid cucumber seeds in pots. Seeds of bush vegetables will bring very good results. You can sow seeds right away in huge pots or in small containers, and then transplant them into a large bowl.

Before planting the seeds, you must first prepare them by dipping them into a potassium permanganate solution for a couple of hours. After that, the seeds are taken out on a cotton pad, allowed to drain and planted in the ground. In case the seeds are sown in small plastic cups, the soil is initially poured into the container, leaving two centimeters. Throw 3-4 grains and cover with soil. After a couple of weeks, you need to leave the most powerful seedlings.

Water the seeds often, but in moderation.

Thus, the conditions for growing cucumber seeds are different, but when placing grain in a particular space, it is important to know the main features of effective plant growth.

It is important to note that the quantity of cucumbers and the best taste of the product depend on the seeds of the highest grade. In this case, the place and method of sowing seedlings play an important role. Careful selection of seeds and favorable care during their growth will delight everyone with the high fruitfulness of cucumbers.

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