What apple trees are suitable for the Moscow region?

What apple trees are suitable for the Moscow region?

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There are many varieties of apples. And if you want to grow a real orchard in your home, then you need to take into account all these factors in order to choose exactly the kind that will delight you with a good harvest.

Therefore, before getting down to business, you must first take into account which varieties will take root best in a particular area. After all, earlier apple trees grew mainly in Central Asia. Now their distribution area has expanded significantly and they can be found in almost every corner of the Earth. Moreover, breeders have learned to breed varieties that are resistant even to the scorching heat, even to the bitter frost.

You should also pay attention to the winter hardiness of the trees, how they will survive the cold. And the third criterion is whether fruit-bearing trees are susceptible to disease.


  • Main varieties
  • Features of varieties
  • Common varieties and their characteristics

Main varieties

We will tell you which apple trees are most suitable for the Moscow region.

In general, they can be divided into three types: summer, autumn and winter:

  1. The first are summer varieties. They ripen in July. These include such widespread throughout the country as Antonovka gold, White filling and Medunitsa. And also Yubilyar, Melba, Orlinka and Candy.
  2. Autumn varieties ripen in September-November. This is the popular Antonovka ordinary, pleasant to the taste Sun and Cinnamon striped, unpretentious Zhigulevskoe, Orlovskoe striped and Kurnakovskoe.
  3. Winter varieties can be removed in November and stored until warm days. These are not afraid of frost Aphrodite, Moscow Winter and Lobo, foreigners Orlik, Wesley and Imrus. Universal Christmas and North synap.

If you want to have fresh apples all year round, grow all three types and distribute them around the garden area. For example, suppose half of all fruit trees are winter varieties, the remaining 50% divide between autumn and summer varieties.

Features of varieties

Apple trees for the Moscow region have a wide range of tastes. However, from the whole variety of varieties, the main qualities can be distinguished:

  • Early maturity
  • Most of the apples in this area ripen quickly.
  • Fruiting
  • The mild climate of this area allows you to harvest fruits not only once a season, but twice or even three times.
  • Pickup time
  • Summer apples can be eaten in August, autumn apples at the beginning of this time of the year, winter apples in late autumn.

Common varieties and their features

Despite the wide variety of apple varieties, we will try to tell you about the most common:

  1. Antonovka. Refers to winter varieties of apples. Therefore, they can be stored for a long time. They are not afraid of frost. The fruits are usually heavy, sometimes reaching 300 grams. The yellow-green apples with ruddy sides have a strong aroma. They are distinguished by high productivity.
  2. Melba. This variety is a guest from Canada. Loves warmth. But unlike its other summer counterparts, it bears fruit every year. Another advantage of this variety is that it has large fruits. 300 grams is not the limit yet. At the same time, they look very attractive and appetizing. They can be stored for a long time, up to a month.
  3. White filling. Perhaps White filling is one of the most famous, oldest and widespread varieties of apple trees. Usually bears fruit in the second year. However, the yield is unstable: in one year it can bear a lot of fruits, in the next - almost nothing. For the Moscow region, this variety is an excellent option, since it is unpretentious and does not require increased attention, is winter-hardy and has a pleasant taste.
  4. Autumn striped. It also has another name in a foreign manner - Streyfling. An autumn variety, usually survives the winter without problems. One of the few disadvantages is that it begins to bear fruit after six or even eight years. However, long waiting times are more than covered with large sweet fruits with clearly visible ribs and an appetizing blush.
  5. Sun. Despite the warm name, this variety is winter. Therefore, the fruits can be stored until next summer. Even severe frosts are not afraid of this type of apple trees. However, they are resistant to scab. The harvest is usually rich. The fruits still beckon to themselves: bright pink and red with juicy and dense pulp.
  6. Alesya. It has almost the same qualities as the previous variety. Fruiting every year, apples are perfectly stored. Has a delicate and pleasant taste.
  7. Amber. Another of the winter varieties. Bright, ruddy fruits are medium-sized, they are usually removed in late autumn.
  8. Freshness. Winter grade. Its fruits can be stored and not spoiled until mid-summer. They are resistant to cold weather, while having a high yield - they can delight with a large number of fruits every year. They are yellow, with reddish blush visible in some places. They have a pleasant sweet and sour taste.
  9. Kovalenkovskoe. A distinctive feature of this variety is that the fruits ripen in several stages. Therefore, the crop can be harvested for a long time. The apples are sweet with a characteristic greenish-red color.
  10. Baby. Refers to columnar varieties. Trees do not take up much space, they are unpretentious. Another feature is that they practically have no branches. Yields usually peak in the fifth or sixth year.

This is just a small part of apple varieties for the Moscow region. Those who want to grow an orchard should learn to select those species that will take root in a particular area, choose the ones they like in terms of taste and unassuming care. And do not forget that any "brainchild" needs, first of all, care.

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