At what temperature and when to plant cucumbers in the greenhouse

At what temperature and when to plant cucumbers in the greenhouse

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A cucumber, along with a tomato, is in every garden and dacha. Yes, and it's hard to imagine a feast without a cucumber.

A larger crop of cucumbers, of course, can be obtained from the greenhouse than from the open field. Therefore, every gardener wonders when to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse.

Cucumbers can be planted:

  1. Seeds are not labor-intensive, but there is a high probability of growing a lot of barren flowers.
  2. Seedling is a more common way of growing cucumbers. Sprouted cucumber seeds are planted in peat pots in the 20th of April, they germinate at temperatures from +23 to +25 in three days. At the same temperature, cucumbers grow until they gain strength in order to transfer the transplant without any problems. This occurs on the 20-23 day of the seedling life.

The optimum temperature for planting a cucumber

If the time has come when the cucumbers are planted in the greenhouse, and the temperature in it has not yet reached 20 degrees (in the first days, preferably up to 25), then the temperature can be raised artificially. To do this, sawdust, hay or manure are buried in the beds to a depth of 50-60 centimeters.

When cucumbers are planted in a greenhouse

When 3-4 leaves have appeared on the seedlings, it means that it's time to transplant it into the ground. If we planted the seeds on the twentieth of April, and 20-23 days have passed, then the seedlings should be transplanted on May 10-15.

But first, the soil should be disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate. To do this, put 3 grams of manganese in a bucket of boiling water and water the earth abundantly.

And do not forget that a cucumber is a fan of moisture, and you need to feed it every 8 to 10 days.

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