Unpretentious perennial flowers - decoration for any garden

Unpretentious perennial flowers - decoration for any garden

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If the house is decorated with a beautiful garden, it always attracts attention. A variety of flowers can transform the territory. But often the owners do not have enough time to care for the plants.

But you should not deny yourself the transformation of your site, because there are unpretentious perennial flowers that can give beauty in the summer for several years.


  • Characteristics of plants for the garden
  • Perennial flowers that do not require special care
  • Unpretentious bulbous flowers that grow for 1-2 years

Characteristics of plants for the garden

Some people mistakenly believe that there are few unpretentious plants, but this is far from the case. Today there are many different garden flowers that do not require constant maintenance. Such plants can delight their owners for one or several years.

To improve your garden, you can use ornamental shrubs that can easily endure different weather, without the need to constantly trim them. They, moreover, add coziness and beauty to the suburban area.

It is not forbidden to turn on imagination and plant shrubs in groups, and you can also plant them in flower beds alone. In this case, you should choose varieties that will give beautiful and bright flowers. After all, an ordinary lawn is quite difficult to care for.

You can replace it with white clover. Greening the area can be done vertically using hops or grapes. In this case, it is recommended to use girlish grapes. It looks original, but does not creep when compared to hops.

But best of all, the territory is decorated with flower beds, where beautiful flowers grow. And you can plant on them plants that do not require much maintenance.

To make the flower bed bright, you must also use annual plants. In this case, you should also tend to unpretentious species if a person does not have enough time to care for flowers.

This does not mean that the flowerbed will turn out worse than those of those neighbors who devote a lot of time to plants.

It is important to consider when specific species begin to bloom so that the flower bed is constantly in a variety of colors. In annuals, inflorescences often appear in summer.

For this reason, both perennial and bulbous flowers should be planted. So the flower bed will constantly sparkle with different colors.

Perennial flowers that do not require special care

Perennials often bloom for a long period. To spend a minimum of time on grooming, you should choose species that tolerate drought well. In this case, you will not need to water them regularly.

A huge part of perennial flowers calmly tolerate frosts, do not need transplantation, abundant care.

It is best to plant plants in the same flower bed that have similar care requirements. This applies to:

  • Relation to moisture
  • Light requirements
  • Attitude to soil acidity

After that, you should pay attention to the timing of flowering. In the spring they will delight primrose, lupine, lily of the valley with their inflorescences.

Stonecrop, purse and other plants bloom profusely in summer. At the same time, they are painted in a variety of colors, which makes the garden even more beautiful.

Not only your own preferences should be considered when choosing flowers. It is also necessary to take into account the conditions in which the plants have to survive. For those who are just starting to grow a flower bed, it is best to lean towards such perennials.

Chamomile. This plant will give the area of ​​lightness, while it does not need careful maintenance. Chamomile blooms for a long period.

Reproduction takes place with the help of seeds, as well as by dividing the roots. Often, the owners plant white chamomile. But this plant has other species that differ in the colors of their inflorescences.

Primrose. This plant tolerates shade calmly, and blooms in early spring. In one place, primrose can delight with its flowers for a long time, after a while it should be transplanted.

Echinacea It is a perennial plant that pleases the eye with its bright inflorescences in summer and autumn. Echinacea grows easily, and its flowers resemble chamomile. It does not require increased maintenance.

Daylily, hosta, astilba. These plants should be planted in areas where shade prevails throughout the day. These flowers have similar characteristics. It is better to plant them together, as they have a variety of decorative leaves. Together they will look harmonious.

Aquilegia. This plant pleases with its flowers from May to June. It stands out for its unique openwork leaves.

Sedum. This perennial plant grows well in a variety of lighting conditions. And in the autumn period it will be a decoration for the garden, even in winter this plant will delight the eye.

Pion. This plant has lived for many years. It does not need to be transplanted for a long time, since it can grow in one place for about 20 years.

In places where it is often sunny, it is better to plant echinacea, carnation, peony, yarrow and other plants.

Lilies of the valley, Volzhanka, etc. are capable of decorating a darkened area. And some flowers grow well in any area. Beds of flowers that are placed in tiers look beautiful.

Unpretentious bulbous flowers that grow for 1-2 years

Flower beds where perennial plants are planted can be supplemented with annual flowers. In order not to spend a lot of time for their care, you should choose those species that tolerate drought. Unpretentious plants include:

  1. Marigold. This flower grows for one year. He has no whims regarding care, easily survives on different soil, he is not afraid of dry weather.
  2. Calendula. This plant also lives for one year. It does not require special care, while it pleases with its inflorescences.
  3. Salvia. This flower can survive in all weather conditions. But he loves moist soil and sunlight. There is no special care for salvia.
  4. Petunia. This plant is very often planted by the owners, as it stands out for its unpretentiousness. Petunia is used to decorate flower beds, balconies, flower beds.
  5. Nasturtium. Although this plant lives for one year, it blooms very beautifully. Its inflorescences are yellow in color, and the leaves are very lush. Nasturtium can also be found frequently in various gardens.

You can also pay attention to plants that grow for 2 years. Any person can cope with their cultivation:

  1. Carnation. It blooms for a very long time, pleases with bright colors, and does not need strong care.
  2. Viola. This flower is also called pansies, but the name familiar to many is violet. Viola is also recommended to be planted in flower beds, as it does not need special care.
  3. Forget-me-not. She pleases with her number of flowers that appear in early spring.
  4. Daisy. The plant tolerates cold easily. It is believed to be a perennial, but it has been grown for 2 years.
  5. Bulbous flowers, which are considered the most unpretentious plants. They grow well in the shade and in the sun, they are not afraid of cold or high moisture. These flowers include tulips, crocuses, gladioli, etc.

Of course, despite the fact that the listed plants are considered unpretentious, they also need the least care.

Do not forget about weeding, feeding, you should also water the plants. But these procedures should be performed at least once every 2-3 months. Almost all unpretentious plants do not need shelter for the winter.

They are not worried about pests or various diseases. But even without special care, if you choose the right plants, you can create a beautiful corner with flowers.

At the same time, it will not be necessary to allocate a lot of time or finance so that it continues to please the eyes of its owners. These plants require minimal attention, for which they will be thanked with beautiful inflorescences.

A striking example of a perennial in the video is astilba:

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