Growing seedlings of a morning glory flower

Growing seedlings of a morning glory flower

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Morning glory is a beautifully flowering climbing liana with flowers resembling gramophone.

Ipomoea has earned the universal love of gardeners due to its rapid growth and ability to curl, which is most often used to build a hedge.

In the early morning, when dew appears on the grass, morning glory reveals the beauty of its flowers to the world. And closer to noon, so that the sun does not burn the delicate petals, the flowers close.

Most species of morning glory require growing seedlings before planting in the ground.

    Growing seedlings of a morning glory flower has some features:
  • seeds are sown in pots in late March or early April, setting a support for entanglement;
  • seeds pre-soaked for a day are sorted, choosing swollen ones;
  • the distance between the seeds should be quite large (at least 10-15 cm) so that the grown plants do not get entangled with each other;
  • morning glory - an undemanding plant, but loves good watering and cannot stand low light;
  • when growing seedlings, it is necessary to monitor shoots and leaves, treat with special solutions in case of rusty or yellow spots;
  • it is necessary to transplant seedlings into a more spacious pot as it grows, along with the surface layer of the soil;
  • when planting in a permanent place, you also need to preserve the surface layer of the soil, or plant morning glory directly in a peat pot.

Growing seedlings of the morning glory flower should be carried out with special attention, because morning glory is a poisonous plant and only needs to be grown outdoors.

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