Hazel shrub - garden decoration

For ten years now, a hazel bush has been growing in our summer cottage. All the seedlings took root well, and after a few years they began to bear the first fruits.

We sprout fifteen more hazel bushes from nuts. The seedlings sprouted by us have already caught up with their older brothers in growth and also began to bear fruit.

The hazel shrub has become a wonderful decoration of our garden, bushes with unusual dark burgundy foliage are especially pleasing to the eye. In addition, the hazel planted along the site is a natural hedge from neighbors and prying eyes.

Fortified hazel bushes are quite unpretentious, do not require special attention and additional care. However, sometimes it is necessary to cut through overgrown branches, remove old and dried parts of the bush. The hazel tree tolerates winter cold well and does not need shelter.

The shrub does not produce fruits every season; the most abundant harvests of nuts are about once every three years.

Hazel can be propagated by germinating nuts. To do this, in the spring they are dropped off at school. By this time, the earth should be warm enough and be quite humid. Depending on how fully the sprouts develop, they are transplanted to a permanent place in the fall or next spring.

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