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Various types of violets are very popular with flower growers due to their bright and rich color. Breeders never cease to delight with new varieties of violets. One of the most popular is the Frosty Cherry variety.


  • Violet variety description
  • Growing: soil preparation and planting
  • Plant care
  • Useful properties and uses of violets

Violet variety description

Violets are perennials with a creeping rhizome. Petiolar leaves in the shape of a heart. The variety of violets "Frosty Cherry" is distinguished by its extraordinary beauty. The flowers are large and double. The shade can vary from pale pink to crimson. The flowers reach 4 cm in diameter.

In the middle of the petals, the color is cherry red with a delicate white stripe along the edges. The peculiarity of this plant is its ability to change the shade: at low temperatures, the flower acquires a light shade, and when the temperature rises, it becomes cherry.

Saturation varies with flowering time. When growing violets of this variety, it is necessary to observe the lighting regime.

If there is not enough light, then the leaves stretch upward, and the petals begin to brighten. With an excess of light, the leaves gather towards the center, and the shade of the flowers becomes paler. Violets of the "Frosty Cherry" variety love a warm climate. The plant does not tolerate high temperatures and high humidity.

The optimum temperature for violets should be between 20-25 degrees. This variety of violets blooms early. In the second and third year of flowering, the flowers become larger. Flowering lasts about 10 months. At the same time, the plant needs short breaks to rest.

Growing: soil preparation and planting

Before planting, you should choose the right soil and container for the flower. For a young plant, it is recommended to choose pots with a diameter of about 7 cm. Large pots are undesirable. The optimal container size for an adult plant should be 9-11 cm wide. In such a container, the root system of violets adapts better to growth.

When growing violets not only of this variety, special soil is used. You can cook it yourself. It should be remembered that the ground for violets should be light and breathable. As a soil mixture for a flower, it is necessary to take garden soil, peat, river sand in a ratio of 3: 3: 1. It is important not to forget about the drainage layer, which prevents moisture stagnation.

When planting, it is necessary to make drainage holes in the container. The cultivation of the "Frosty Cherry" variety is carried out from a leaf. It needs to be washed, slightly shortened the cut, leaving 2-2.5 cm. After planting, cover with a jar. After a month, the leaf will take root, after which new small leaves will appear.

Plant care

For long-lasting flowering and proper budding, high-quality care is required. It is undesirable to put a violet of the "Frosty Cherry" variety on the windowsill, which receives bright sunlight. Recommended to be placed on the southwest or east side of the window. In winter, the plant must be additionally illuminated.

The violet should not be watered often, but it is also important to ensure that the soil is not dry. This houseplant does not like excess humid air, especially spraying. You can only remove dust from the leaves under the shower. The optimum humidity for violets is 60-80%.

For irrigation, use warm, settled water. It is recommended to moisten the flower through the pallet. You can water the plant from above, but it is important that water does not get on the leaves. In hot weather, watering is performed every day, but little by little, and in winter, 2 times a week.

Fertilizer is applied 2 weeks after transplanting. In spring and autumn, it is necessary to fertilize with liquid mineral fertilizers. With proper and proper care, the "Frosty Cherry" violet will delight you with magnificently blooming beautiful flowers.

Useful properties and uses of violets

This houseplant not only pleases households with its beautiful flowering. Violet is actively used in folk medicine. It has anti-inflammatory, laxative and diuretic effects. Violet herb helps with bronchitis, sore throat, whooping cough, headache, migraines. A decoction based on the herb of violets can be used for external and internal use.
Infusion of violet flowers is used for convulsions, epilepsy, tinnitus.

Popular folk recipes from violet leaves and flowers:

  1. With angina. Pour 50 g of plant flowers with 200 ml of alcohol. Close the lid and leave to infuse for 7 days. The prepared tincture is taken in 30 ml before meals 3 times a day. To achieve an effective result, you can gargle with this tincture.
  2. When coughing. In an equal amount of about 50 g, take dried leaves and violet flowers. Then pour a glass of hot water and leave to infuse for a day. Then strain, heat slightly over low heat and sweeten. Take 4 times a day for a teaspoon. Duration of treatment is about 7 days.
  3. For insomnia. Take 3-4 grams of flowers and pour boiled milk (200 ml). Leave in this state for 30 minutes. The prepared composition must be drunk before bedtime, and the flowers must be eaten.

It is recommended to add a decoction of violets to the water for bathing babies. With regular use, it helps to cure rickets, eczema, scrofula and skin rashes. When using violets to treat various diseases, remember that the plant is poisonous. It is recommended to consult a doctor before using decoctions and infusions based on violet leaves and flowers.

Video about the blooming of a violet "Frosty cherry":

Watch the video: AFRICAN VIOLETS - Whats Blooming in January 2020 (June 2022).


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