What is the cultivation of ornamental beans based on?

What is the cultivation of ornamental beans based on?

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Consider growing ornamental beans, a plant that grows in light and warmth. It is equal to 16-22 C °.

How to grow unusual beans

Ornamental beans grow in a peculiar way. She is hygrophilous.

There are indicators that must be maintained for the emergence of its successful fruits.

  • Soils for this variety are suitable for structural lightweight soils;
  • Groundwater must have a low level, otherwise it will be destructive;
  • Beans are sown on the basis of 80-120 kg. for 1 hectare;
  • It is necessary to sow in rows;
  • A distance of about 40-45 cm is maintained between them;
  • A two-line tape planting with a distance between lines of 15-20 cm should be maintained;
  • 45-50 cm - the distance that must be maintained between the tapes;
  • Sowing depth 2-3 cm.

Organic fertilizers are helpful. 2-4 kg are calculated for 1 sq. meter. You need to work with the previous culture. In the autumn period, potassium chloride is introduced, counting 20-30 grams per square meter, superphosphate at the same distance of 30-40 grams. Wood ash is useful, in about the same amount.

In order for the beans to ripen, or rather, to start harvesting the beans, you need 10-11 weeks of care after sowing. When growing ornamental beans, you need to be careful when choosing, since not all varieties are edible.

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