How to grow pepper Spark on the windowsill, at home

How to grow pepper Spark on the windowsill, at home

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Over time, more and more people are replacing decorative flowers on the windowsill in the kitchen with a hot pepper. This not only allows you to keep the hot seasoning fresh all the time, but also aesthetically harmoniously complements the concept of the room.

At first glance, growing hot peppers at home may seem difficult, but in practice this plant will not bring any problems. Which ones - we will analyze in the article.


  • Benefits of growing hot peppers on a windowsill
  • A little about the plant
  • Growing pepper "Ogonyok" at home
  • Some helpful tips

Benefits of growing hot peppers on a windowsill

There are many positive aspects to growing hot peppers in your own kitchen. First, it is aesthetic beauty. Hot peppers can be of different colors: red, yellow, green, or even purple. You can plant peppers of several colors in one pot, and you get a whole composition. Such a peculiar bouquet will delight the eye if there is cold or rain outside the window.

You will have fresh hot peppers on hand at all times. You can be sure of its environmental friendliness and cleanliness. Pepper can be added to various dishes for a savory flavor. Often, hot pepper is used for the preparation of various medicines from traditional medicine.

The fruits of this variety are small in size, so they grow relatively quickly and dare. So many positive aspects in one plant should leave no further doubts, this is the ideal plant for the kitchen, which even those housewives who are far from the garden can handle.

A little about the plant

The "Ogonyok" pepper variety is considered one of the most popular among perennial plants. The ripening period is from 120 to 140 days, which is considered medium early. Usually, trees do not grow more than 50 cm in height. On one bush, up to 50 peppers can ripen at a time. On average, pepper, under normal conditions of growth and care, will delight you with fruits for at least 5-6 years.

This variety has strong bactericidal properties, and perfectly cleans the air of viruses and bacteria that may have entered your home. In addition, the plant is indifferent to pests that usually infect domestic plants. In addition to beautiful and healthy fruits, there will be many beautiful green leaves on the tree, which will complete the overall picture. From a distance, it seems that the pepper looks like a small fruit tree.

Growing pepper "Ogonyok" at home

In order for the pepper to grow healthy and beautiful, grow quickly and bear fruit, you need to take care of the plant correctly. To do this, you need to take into account such simple tips. Prepare the soil for planting first. You can prepare the soil mixture yourself, or buy one ready-made in the store.

If you decide to prepare the soil yourself, then take in equal parts humus, peat and river sand. In this case, the plant will feel best. Planting seeds is the next important step. To begin with, the seeds need to be soaked for a while.

To do this, take a damp gauze or rag and wrap the seeds in it for 1-2 days. In this case, the air temperature should be at least 25 degrees. If the air temperature is lower, the seeds will not hatch. As soon as the first sprouts appear, the seeds must be planted in slightly moistened soil. You need to plant seeds to a depth of no more than 1 cm.

It is best to cover the containers in which the peppers grow with foil or glass. Thus, you get a kind of greenhouse, and the sprouts will appear much faster. It is best to place the pepper on the sunny side. In winter, or in constant cloudy weather, it is better to provide additional illumination. This will make the pepper feel best.

Video about transplanting pepper Ogonyok:

Regular watering is important for Ogonyok. It is best to do this with settled warm water, which is poured into the pan. This way the plant can get as much water as it needs. In the spring-summer period, you need to feed the plant twice a month using complex fertilizers.

Some helpful tips

It will also be useful to know a few simple useful tips regarding hot peppers:

  1. When the plant is in bloom, shake it a little so the flowers pollinate faster and you get a better harvest.
  2. For most people, pepper grows precisely on the battery, which heats the apartment in winter. So that the plant does not overheat, you need to rearrange the pepper, for example, on the table, or cover the battery with a cloth.
  3. If the plant is more than a year old, then it needs to be transplanted into a larger pot. This manipulation must be carried out once a year.

Peppers do not like drafts, so do not open windows for ventilation, or remove the plant from the window during this time. Hot pepper "Ogonyok" is not only a useful plant, but also a beautiful one. Caring for him will not be difficult, and the benefits are difficult to overestimate.

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