Zamioculcas: what to do when the leaves turn yellow and what is the reason?

Zamioculcas: what to do when the leaves turn yellow and what is the reason?

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Among indoor flowers, zamioculcas has become popular relatively recently. The plant gained wide popularity at the end of the XX - first decade of the XXI century.

This was facilitated by the sale of the flower by Dutch flower companies at special auctions. Thus, not only professional gardeners of premises, but also ordinary amateurs showed great interest in the plant. Despite the fact that the flower is unpretentious, not many still know how to grow a healthy and beautiful zamiokulkas, if the leaves turn yellow, what to do and how to avoid it? We will try to understand the reasons for this phenomenon.


  • Are yellowed leaves of zamioculcas the norm?
  • Yellow foliage in zamiokulkas as a sign of trouble
  • Other causes of yellow leaves in ZZ

Are yellowed leaves of zamioculcas the norm?

The birthplace of zamioculcas is Africa. Many believe that ZZ's usual habitat is the sunny, hot desert. This is not actually the case. The usual habitat of zamiokulkas is tropical African forests. Therefore, at home he needs to provide good, but diffused light, constant, without sudden changes, temperature and seasonal irrigation intensity.

It turns out that the yellow leaves of this plant are not always a sign of trouble. When not to worry about yellow leaves on ZZ:

  1. If all the conditions for growing zamiokulkas have been created, and the leaves of the plant have begun to turn yellow, you need to carefully examine the plant. In addition to external examination, it is advisable to smell the soil in the pot.
  2. If there is no extraneous unpleasant smell from the flower pot, and the leaves turn yellow only from the lower part of the shoots, at the same time the shoots grow well and new ones appear, then there is no cause for concern. Yellowed lower leaves are a sign of flower growth and rejuvenation.

The upper young leaves draw on all the nutrients too intensively, depriving the lower leaves of nutrition. In this case, it remains only to remove all the leaves after they die off. However, in most cases, the appearance of yellow foliage in ZZ is a sign of serious impairment or disease.

Yellow foliage in zamiokulkas as a sign of trouble

The most frequent and most common reasons for the appearance of yellow leaves in a zamiokulkas flower are:

  • irrigation errors
  • development of rot on roots and rhizomes
  • stem rot development

All these phenomena can be related. With systematic waterlogging of the soil in a flower pot, it is threatened by the development of soil fungi. It is they who provoke root decay. This is evidenced not only by the yellow leaves, but also by the stoppage of the plant in growth and the absence of new shoots.

If the process is not stopped in time, then putrefactive processes spread to the stems. We will try to figure out whether it is possible to save a flower in the listed cases and how to do it. A sign of waterlogging and the appearance of root rot is not only yellow leaves, but also a strong putrid smell from the pot. In this case, only immediate measures can save the flower. For this:

  • the plant is taken out of the ground
  • radically trim all soft and dark rhizomes to healthy areas
  • washed the roots with water
  • sprinkle the cuts with powdered coal
  • transplant zamioculcas into another pot with new soil

Important! Since there are fewer roots as a result of pruning, ground shoots with leaves must also be pruned. If the bulk of the roots are affected by rot and the process has already spread to the stems, then such a plant can hardly be saved. In this case, you need to take some healthy leaves and root them.

The rest of the plant, affected by putrefactive processes, unfortunately, will have to be disposed of. As you know, any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. ZZ - refers to those plants that it is better not to water at all than to water.

The main method of prevention is adherence to the humidity regime. The optimal frequency of watering is 1 time in 7-10 days.

In winter, the plant should not be watered more often than once every 3-4 weeks. However, sometimes the earthen lump dries up to such an extent that the hardy zamiokulkas begins to turn yellow. If it happened that the plant could not withstand the drought, then it must be transplanted into new soil and watered so that the entire earthen lump is saturated with water.

It is advisable to add a root growth stimulant to the water. Further watering should be carried out according to the scheme. In addition to the above, there are several other reasons for the appearance of yellow leaves in this flower.

Other causes of yellow leaves in ZZ

ZZ leaves turn yellow if:

  • the plant stands in a very bright direct sun
  • long stay at temperatures below + 16
  • there was a sharp change in temperature
  • the air in the room is too dry

You can prevent the appearance of yellow leaves by changing the growing conditions of the flower. More complex measures will be required in the event that the cause of the yellowness of the leaves is an infection of the flower with a spider mite or aphids. You can fight these pests using both folk methods and systemic insecticidal preparations.

From folk remedies, you can use not only plain water, soap solution, but also tobacco infusion. Treatment of a flower with sulfur powder or preparations of the "Zircon" type will also help. When growing a zamioculcas flower, it is important to observe the simple conditions of its maintenance and ZZ will delight you with a healthy and well-groomed look.

Zamioculcas on video: planting and care:

Watch the video: ZZ Plant Issues u0026 Solutions (June 2022).


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