When is the best time to prune roses on the site: in autumn or spring?

When is the best time to prune roses on the site: in autumn or spring?

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Rose is a versatile flower that can be used to decorate any home garden. When growing this crop, it is recommended to provide appropriate care for it. Pruning is the main aspect of successful rose cultivation.


  • Why prune roses?
  • What will happen if it is not carried out on time?
  • How and when to prune roses?
  • How to prune roses after winter?

Why prune roses?

Most newbies believe that pruning roses is optional when growing them. But, this is far from the case. With the help of this procedure, a long life of the culture is ensured. It also contributes to the formation of the crown of the bush. Experts recommend pruning roses every year.

With the help of pruning, the plant itself is strengthened. Thinning the bushes makes it possible for light to access them, which will ensure proper flowering in the future. Thanks to pruning, the winter hardiness of the rose is significantly increased. Rose pruning is a must to ensure full growth and development of the plant.

What will happen if it is not carried out on time?

Most experts recommend timely pruning of roses. Otherwise, in the absence of this procedure, the plant will succumb to the effects of a variety of diseases and pests. Insufficient flowering of the crop may also occur. If there are dry branches on the branches, the plant will look untidy.

If you do not prune, then the buds will not receive enough light, which will contribute to inadequate flowering. If the autumn pruning is untimely, the rose may simply freeze in winter. The most terrible consequence of the lack of this procedure is that over time, the rose can turn into a rosehip.

Failure to trim can lead to adverse effects. That is why flower growers should not give up this procedure.

How and when to prune roses?

In the spring, it is recommended to carry out the main pruning. She may be:

  • Strong
  • Moderate
  • Easy
  • Formative

The choice of pruning method directly depends on what result a person wants to achieve in the future. For young plants, seedlings and old heavily thickened and weak rose bushes, heavy pruning is recommended. If the need arises to ensure the lush flowering of the culture, it is recommended to carry out a moderate type of procedure.

If hybrid tea roses grow on the site, then this requires light pruning. The fourth type of procedure is used when it becomes necessary to form the crown of the bush. In the autumn, it is also necessary to prune the crop, which will help to increase its winter hardiness.

During the manipulation period, it is necessary to remove all unripe buds. Diseased and weak stems should also be removed. It is also recommended to remove shoots that have not matured. Otherwise, they can rot in winter, which will lead to the development of various diseases. On the bush, it is necessary to leave powerful shoots that are lignified.

In order to eliminate the possibility of the development of pathogens, cut shoots are removed from the site. It is recommended to use only sharpened secateurs for the procedure. Using a blunt instrument will result in ragged cuts and damage to the plant bark, which may die off. Against this background, a large number of diseases will develop.

Video tutorial on pruning roses:

If it becomes necessary to remove stems that are more than 2 centimeters in diameter, then a hacksaw is used. The cut is carried out over the swollen bud, which did not have time to germinate. Cutting is carried out at an angle, which will eliminate the possibility of water formation in it. The procedure should be carried out on a sunny, windless day.

It is necessary to cut roses in accordance with the above rules, which will positively affect their condition.

How to prune roses after winter?

Pruning roses after wintering is carried out immediately after the snow melts. Initially, you need to inspect the bush. If there are dead shoots, they must be cut to the ground. If the wood has a beige color at the cut site, then this indicates the correctness of the procedure. Healthy stems require little trimming.

If bush and standard hybrid tea roses are grown, then this requires moderate pruning. It consists in cutting the stems in half. If the shoots are weakened, then they must be shortened even more or removed completely.

For the procedure, it is recommended to use a sharp secateurs. If the rose bushes are well-rooted or vigorous, then light pruning is required. In this case, the shoots are shortened by 2/3 of the length. This pruning should be carried out after a year. Otherwise, the shoots will be overstretched.

If it becomes necessary to rejuvenate an old bush, it is recommended to carry out a strong pruning. After the third bud, the stem is trimmed from the base. In some cases, this method is used to trim a newly planted bush.

Before pruning after wintering, it is necessary to clear the space around the rose. For this purpose, the removal of foliage, excess soil and other debris is carried out. During the period of the procedure, it is imperative to remove all unnecessary shoots that come from the base. Initially, all dry and diseased shoots are removed to healthy tissues, and after that, the main pruning is carried out.

Pruning roses is an integral part of quality plant care. Its implementation should be carried out in accordance with certain rules, which will positively affect the state of the roses. The procedure should be carried out twice a year.

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