How to store onion sets in winter, storage methods, preparation steps

How to store onion sets in winter, storage methods, preparation steps

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It is now difficult to imagine most dishes without this vegetable, and during the period of autumn and winter diseases, onions are one of the first to come to the rescue as a folk remedy.


  1. Principles of preparing onion sets for storage
  2. Choosing a storage method
  3. Why does seed rot?

Principles of preparing onion sets for storage

There are many varieties of this culture, but the well-known set is not even a variety, but simply a small vegetable that has not passed all stages of the life cycle and is at the stage of annual development, from 1.5 to 2 cm in diameter.

Onion sets are obtained with thickened sowing of seeds, in the first year a set is obtained, which, upon further planting in the next season, yields a harvest of large bulbs. The problem lies in the correct storage of the planting material in the cold season. How to properly store onion sets in winter?

Storage consists of several steps:

  • Preparation period.
  • Choosing a place to save the crop.
  • The choice of a method for preserving seed.

The preparation consists of:

  • Harvest.
  • Sorting.
  • Thorough drying.

Harvesting should be carried out when the vegetable is fully ripe at the end of summer. Ripeness is determined by the color of the tops: it should turn yellow and begin to dry.

After the crop is harvested from the ridges, it is well sorted out, inspected for rot and damage. Good seed material is laid out to dry before laying for the winter. The best and fastest option would be to dry root crops in the sun, or in rooms under a canopy and with good ventilation.

A vegetable ready for storage has a dry husk with a characteristic rustling.

When all the preparation work has been completed, it is worth thinking about where to store it. For this purpose, wooden and plastic boxes, mesh bags, open trays, special containers, or simply in the form of a bulk are perfect.

The container must necessarily have good ventilation, grates, holes. The bags are left open, the nets are suspended, and a layer of scatter is made about 20-25 cm. The air humidity and air exchange are monitored.

Choosing a storage method

For storage, summer residents use 3 main storage methods.


This method is suitable for those who want, but do not know how to store onion sets in winter at home at room temperature. The prerequisites for such storage are good ventilation, low humidity (so as not to germinate) and a comfortable temperature from 18 to 25 degrees. Fluctuations in temperature are undesirable, since when it decreases, the root crop will release arrows, and when it rises, the seed material will dry out and lose its sowing qualities.


If you have not tried the cold method on how to store onion sets in the winter before planting, you should carefully study the information on how to perform this method. It implies the content of the vegetable at low temperatures of about -2 -3 degrees. Basements, balconies, or a regular refrigerator work well for this method.

But even in this method, moisture is the main enemy for sevka. If you decide to use this storage method, before laying the seeds for the winter, they need to be well warmed up at a temperature of 30-36 degrees. And just before planting, the procedure will need to be repeated in 10-15 days.

The vegetable can be stored outdoors using the cold method. It is necessary to prepare a plastic container, pour sawdust into it, put root crops on it and again with a thick layer of sawdust on top. The container must be placed in a prepared pit, which should be 25-30 cm deeper than the container itself. They cover it with soil, leaving a small hill of earth above it. The place should be chosen relatively dry, not in the lowlands. When spring comes, it can be dug up and used for planting.

Combined method

Here, the cold storage method in the winter outdoors and the warm method of how to store onion sets in an apartment are combined. Initially, vegetables are left in a warm room before frost. And gradually the temperature is lowered to the desired level, approximately 0 degrees.

In this form, the raw material for planting can be stored for the entire cold period. When spring comes, the temperature is gradually raised again to 30 degrees and kept unchanged for a week. And then they are reduced to room temperature and stored until the very planting works.

Why does seed rot?

During storage, various problems can appear, the most common is rotting.

The reasons may be:

  • Bacterial rot.
  • Fusarium.
  • Silk rot.

Even beautiful and good looking seed material can rot very quickly. Bacterial rot is easy to distinguish: when a vegetable is cut, rotting, dark scales are visible, replacing intact ones. May be brownish and smell unpleasant.

Silk rot, on the other hand, takes a very long time to develop. The reason for this is a fungus that enters the onion even in the garden, and it is difficult to detect by eye, but often possible. Any damage, softness to the raw material must be thrown out during the bulkhead.

With fusarium, the roots rot at the root, the vegetable itself becomes soft, watery, smells unpleasant.

The factors provoking this disease are:

  • Improper storage.
  • Features of the variety.
  • Mechanical damage during harvesting.

How to deal with rot? The best way to combat decay is prevention. Onions should not be planted in one place for several years in a row, it is necessary to change crops in the crop rotation. It can be planted again on the same ridge only after 4 years.

It is best to dig the onions, not pull them out. Dry thoroughly. Frequently and efficiently inspect and sort out raw materials in winter. Before planting, treat root crops with a manganese solution.

Onions are a useful crop that often helps us with diseases, gives taste and aroma to our dishes and is unpretentious in cultivation in summer cottages. With a little effort, this vegetable will reward you with its harvest.

Everyone knows that it takes a lot of effort to get a big harvest, but observing agricultural techniques and following the useful advice of specialists, you will get a rich harvest and good plant growing experience.

A video on how to store onion sets in winter will help you to visually study all the necessary information:

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