Red truffle tomato from the Siberian Garden agrofirm, variety reviews, benefits

Red truffle tomato from the Siberian Garden agrofirm, variety reviews, benefits

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Every summer resident, gardener and just an amateur wants to grow an excellent harvest and every year they try new types of plants, trying to find an unusual and not fastidious variety to the envy of neighbors.

Tomato Truffle belongs to such varieties. These tomatoes of a non-standard shape can surprise any seasoned summer resident.


  1. Tomato characteristic
  2. Advantages of the variety
  3. Features of caring for tomatoes
  4. Diseases and pests

Tomato characteristic

The variety has another name - "Japanese Truffle", or sometimes it is called a tomato light bulb, bred in 2002, has been tested both in laboratories and on sites, and is loved by many. The variety belongs to the mid-season, is grown both in the open field and indoors, in greenhouse conditions.

The greenhouse microclimate will increase the yield.

The bush itself is medium-sized, from 100 to 170 cm in height, spreading. The bright red fruits are unusual in their pear-like shape, they are smooth to the touch with ribbing and with 5-6 chambers.

The mass of one such fruit is 100-160 grams.

It forms ovaries well, and summer residents reap a large harvest at the end of the season. Above 6 or 7 leaves, the first brush appears, which develops and ripens for a very long time and takes a lot of the plant's strength, after which ripening occurs much faster, therefore, the first color brush is often deliberately torn off. The root system is powerful enough, well-formed, it requires a lot of space for nutrition, so the plants are not planted densely.

Advantages of the variety

It tolerates open ground well, not only when planting in southern latitudes, but even in a temperate zone, and is able to withstand many common pests. Reviews of the Siberian Garden red truffle are the most positive, as are the reviews of its fellows, which differ in the color of the fruits: yellow truffle tomato, and orange truffle reviews.

Growers appreciate them for:

  • good taste,
  • unpretentiousness,
  • resistance to low temperatures.

The black truffle tomato has conflicting reviews, some people like the fruit color and taste, for some they are sweetish.

The variety has many advantages, and the main ones are:

  • high productivity;
  • disease and pest resistance;
  • plants are planted both in open and in closed grounds;
  • fruits are stored for a long time;
  • tomatoes are used both fresh and preserved;
  • good taste.

Features of caring for tomatoes

If you want to grow the seedlings yourself, the seeds are sown in March or early April. For quick germination, they can be soaked in warm water for several days before planting or treated with growth regulators.

The soil is chosen as standard, the seeds are spread over the soil surface, sprinkled with earth slightly, sprayed and covered with glass or plastic wrap on top. The shelter is removed every day and the crops are aired to prevent the appearance of fungus and mold.

When the first shoots appear, the glass is removed and the pot is rearranged in a well-lit place, and when real 2-3 leaves appear, they are dived and seated in separate containers.

It is desirable to maintain the optimum temperature for plants, it is equal to 16 degrees. While the seedlings are at home, it is advisable to feed them several times with complex mineral fertilizers.

After about 2 months, the seedlings are transferred and planted in a permanent place. Ten days before the final transplant, she is gradually taught to change the microclimate, periodically taken out into the street, or the room is well ventilated. Seedlings are transplanted into greenhouses by the end of May, and into open ground - at the beginning of summer.

A red truffle is formed into several stems, so it is determinant. When the fruiting of the main stem stops, it is replaced by a secondary one. For 1 sq. m, experts recommend planting 2-3 plants, at a distance of at least 40 cm from each other.

It is worth getting rid of quickly appearing stepchildren in time so that the plant does not waste extra energy. The bush itself must be tied up, the stem and branches, because they are fragile in the variety.

Watering is required frequent, but well-separated water at room temperature. You need to water the plants in the evening. During the growing period, the soil around the tomatoes is periodically loosened, weeds are removed, and the greenhouses are opened daily for ventilation.

Ripe fruits can be stored, they have good shelf life.

Diseases and pests

Red truffle has a high immunity to diseases and insects - pests, but sometimes it is still affected by phomosis, dry spot or spider mites, whiteflies, aphids.

Phomosis affects ripe and tomatoes in the stage of setting, on their surface it manifests itself with brown spots of rot. The diameter of such spots reaches 2-3 cm.

Dry spots appear on foliage and fruits as small dark spots; spraying with pesticides is considered the best prevention. It is treated by removing damaged fruits, leaves and processing with special preparations: "Antrakkol", "Tattu".

The reason may be high humidity, so the plants are watered less often and the room is ventilated more thoroughly, folk remedies are often used.

Pest control is much more difficult, sometimes it is necessary to re-treat the bushes with chemicals. On tomatoes, there are lesions by various insects.


These are small butterflies up to 3 mm in length, feeding on sap and leading to discoloration of the leaves and even the death of the bush. Measures to destroy the pest are taken immediately, using folk methods and chemicals.


The pest has many species and feeds on the sap of the branches and leaves of the tomato. Not only this is dangerous, but also the associated infection of plants with many diseases.

Having decided to try a new variety at their summer cottage, plant breeders will definitely not be disappointed. Delicious, juicy fruits, suitable for fresh consumption and for various preparations, which do not require complex care, surprise with their shape and good storage qualities.

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