Difference between broccoli and cauliflower and what these plants have in common

Difference between broccoli and cauliflower and what these plants have in common

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Cabbage is one of the healthiest foods you can get from your garden. With a simple content, we get a lot of vitamins and microelements.

Nowadays, gardeners are increasingly giving preference to the colored varieties of the plant and broccoli. What is the difference between broccoli and cauliflower? Let's consider in more detail the characteristics of plants.


  1. Description of plants
  2. Similarities and differences
  3. Requirements for growing conditions
  4. Composition and useful properties
  5. What to cook from vegetables

Description of plants

Cauliflower consists of a large number of peduncles, it looks like an overgrown inflorescence. It is an annual with a long growing season (up to 9 months). The height of an adult bush is 60-70 cm. The color of the head varies from pure white to cream or greenish.

The growing season depends on the variety, growing conditions and climate.

There are early ripening representatives that form a head already 2.5 months after sowing. On average, it takes 4-4.5 months.

Broccoli is a subtype of cauliflower. Also applies to annual crops. In contrast, it has a rich green color, sometimes with a purple tint. The plant is taller than its relative (80-90 cm), and the heads are larger.

Cauliflower is the most demanding of climatic conditions, in comparison with other members of the family, and does not tolerate impressive fluctuations in the thermometer.

Broccoli is distinguished by its great endurance and unpretentiousness to the ground.

Similarities and differences

Although both plants are in the Cabbage family and are annual crops, there are many differences.


It is easier to grow broccoli in the garden; in the northern latitudes, it practically ousted its relative. A colored variety of vegetables can die under adverse weather conditions, needs fertilization and spraying. Regular watering is sufficient for the successful growth of broccoli.


Broccoli has a more massive and taller stem, and the head is also larger than that of a colored relative. The shades of vegetables vary.


Both representatives of the Cabbage family contain a lot of useful substances, but the composition is somewhat different. The controversy continues: which is healthier than cauliflower or broccoli? Broccoli wins in terms of the concentration of vitamins and microelements.

Growing time

Even the early ripening varieties of the colored variety take longer to ripen than broccoli. From planting seedlings to harvesting the latter, it often takes no more than 1-1.5 months. The yield of broccoli is 2 times that of colored broccoli. Each head weighs at least 600 g.

Requirements for growing conditions

As mentioned above, the colored one is demanding on the growing conditions. The plant is very difficult to tolerate unexpected frosts and lack of moisture. The ideal temperature is in the range of 16-18 ° C.

One of the most important parameters is soil. The colored vegetable variety loves fertile soil that is rich in nutrients. Otherwise, a large amount of dressing is required.

It is possible to understand that something is wrong with the plant by looking at the leaves - there should be no white spots, darkening and an unpleasant odor.

She also prefers sunshine in abundance. Therefore, the plant is planted in open, not shaded areas.

Broccoli does well at 15-25 ° C. It grows in different soils. Also does not like freezing. However, it tolerates temperature fluctuations well. Do without fertilizers.

The owner should only remember about watering. The main thing is not to miss the moment and cut off the head in time. Overripe broccoli blooms and crumbles, becoming unusable.

Composition and useful properties

Scientifically proven broccoli and cauliflower contain a huge amount of nutrients the body needs. It is not for nothing that these products are often used for feeding babies.

There is more vitamin C in different types of this vegetable than in citrus fruits. 100 g contains the daily rate of ascorbic acid.

What else vegetables are rich in:

  • Protein. Cabbage is a great source of valuable protein.
  • Vitamins. In addition to ascorbic acid, the product contains a large amount of B vitamins.
  • Cellulose. The substance has a beneficial effect on the intestines, improves digestion.
  • Sinigrin. Prevents the formation of tumor cells.

Vegetables also contain micro and macro elements: selenium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium. The use is useful for nervous disorders, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, pathologies of the bone tissue and liver.

The concentration of "utilities" in different types is not the same. Although cauliflower is incredibly healthy, broccoli is superior in many ways.

What to cook from vegetables

Cabbage is a delicious dietary product. Vegetables have always been the basis of the diet. Broccoli and cauliflower are involved in many dishes, the recipes are varied and simple. Unlike white cabbage, these species are not consumed raw.

How vegetables are prepared:

  • Stew in a saucepan or cauldron. Perfect with meat.
  • For young children, vegetables are steamed and ground with a blender.
  • They make a stew with potatoes, carrots, zucchini, and onions.
  • They make healthy, nutritious soups.
  • Prepare vegetable casseroles.
  • Canned in a company with other vegetables.
  • Boil for a few minutes and fry in an egg or bread crumbs.
  • Fried on the grill.

Which is tastier - broccoli or cauliflower? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question, because this is a matter of taste. Cauliflower is softer and broccoli has a more pronounced flavor.

Cabbage varieties have similarities and differences. They are united by belonging to the same family, similar appearance and properties.

Cauliflower and broccoli have their own flavor and characteristics. Whichever variety you choose, you will get a healthy dietary product.

Let's watch a video about the best varieties of cabbage:

Watch the video: difference between broccoli and cauliflower. broccoli vs cauliflower (June 2022).


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