Planting celery root

Planting celery root

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A healthy diet for many is the basis of a full life. One of these valuable foods is celery root.

Planting celery root is a rather painstaking process, requiring some knowledge and patience. First you need to choose the right soil, it should contain a minimum amount of nitrogen and be saturated with humus. First of all, celery seeds are sown, which grow in absolute disarray, while the celery roots themselves develop over a period of 6 months. Seeds are sown in early spring in trays, then picketed at intervals of about 5-7 cm. It is also possible to transplant small plants into separate pots, while planting them half the stem into the soil. Before planting young plants in the ground, they must be hardened at a temperature of 12-15 degrees above zero. In this case, the seedlings can simply be placed in pots on the balcony. In addition, seedlings must be fertilized with mineral fertilizers every two weeks.

Celery root is planted in mid-May, while the plants are placed in the soil at intervals of 30-40 cm, the rosettes of celery leaves must be placed above the soil. Plant seedlings in the soil in the afternoon. It is necessary to water both seedlings and young plants with a moderate amount of water, weed and loosen the soil in a timely manner, and also feed them with mineral fertilizers and humus.

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