Butternut squash - what kind of fruit is it?

Butternut squash - what kind of fruit is it?

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The whole family of pumpkin seeds is an unusually useful prolific plant. This is a gift of nature that should not be neglected when planning garden plantings.

Far from the most forgotten of this glorious genus, butternut squash is very thermophilic. Naturally, it grows in Mexico and Peru, Central America and Colombia. It is cultivated in many other countries as well. In our latitudes, it has little chance of ripening in the open field. Therefore, gardeners pre-grow seedlings, and with the onset of cold weather, unripe fruits are covered with a film just in the garden.

Butternut squash needs plenty of watering, especially if it hasn't rained for a while. She can also be sheltered on cold summer nights. Choose the warmest, draft-free place for planting it. Seeds for seedlings can be sown in April, water them with non-cold water. It will not hurt to use a complex mineral fertilizer. Do not plant butternut squash in the soil where its relatives grew last year (squash, cucumber, other pumpkin varieties).

Butternut squash is the tastiest of all. This is what amateurs who have adapted to its cultivation say. It mostly consists of pulp, has few seeds. They also say that ripe fruit lasts well throughout the year.

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