How to collect cucumber seeds, what fruits to leave on seeds, how to extract, dry and store them

 How to collect cucumber seeds, what fruits to leave on seeds, how to extract, dry and store them

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Information on how to collect cucumber seeds will be useful to many summer residents who grow vegetables.

Of course, no one cancels the option of buying ready-made seeds in a gardening store, but sometimes you really want to plant seeds collected with your own hands, continue growing a proven and very liked variety.


  • What varieties of cucumbers can you collect seeds from?
  • Is it possible to collect hybrid cucumber seeds
  • What cucumber should be left for seeds
  • When to pick cucumbers for seeds
  • How to collect cucumber seeds, useful tips
  • How to dry seeds
  • Where, how and how many years can you store
  • How cucumber seeds are selected: germination test

Buying seeds from the store makes growing cucumbers much easier. Nevertheless, there is often a desire to plant exactly the variety that gave an excellent harvest last year.

In self-harvesting of seeds, despite the possibility of difficulties, there are undeniable advantages: the variety has been tested by you, the taste of the vegetable suits you, the yield, in the region of your residence, it gives quite high.

As for the choice of varieties, it is often possible to find the opinion that the fruits from bee-pollinated plants have a higher taste.

To be sure that the flowers have not been pollinated by another variety, it is advisable to plant the varieties separately, the distance between plantings should not be less than 30 m.

But even if all the requirements are met, it is not recommended to collect seeds from your variety for more than 3-5 years: the likelihood that the variety will degenerate and change its main characteristics becomes too high.

You can get high-quality planting material, observing certain rules, we suggest carefully considering them.

Is it possible to collect hybrid cucumber seeds

Most importantly, you cannot harvest seeds from hybrid varieties. The very principle of obtaining a hybrid plant involves crossing several varieties, it is easy to assume that such planting material can give plants, the fruits of which will have completely different qualities than those that attracted you to the mother plant. It is unlikely that you will be able to get the desired vegetable.

However, experts do not exclude the option that the seeds of hybrid plants can produce varieties, the quality of the fruits of which will be excellent, but the chance of such a turn of events is too low.

First conclusion: to obtain seeds, we use only varieties, so as not to confuse them with hybrids, we pay attention to the inscriptions on the packages purchased in the store. If there is a mark F 1 or F 2, then these are unambiguously hybrids of the first, or, respectively, the second generation.

What cucumber should be left for seeds

You can often hear the statement that only female fruits can be taken to extract planting material, i.e. those that have a four-chamber structure. Male fruits have three chambers in which the seeds are placed.

No special skills are required to distinguish a female fetus from a male one; the cameras are clearly visible visually if the cucumber is cut across.

So, agronomists do not recommend succumbing to such conversations: they certainly know that the fruit can be tied exclusively on a female flower, on a male one, i.e. ovary is not formed in barren flowers. Consequently, there can be no talk of "male" fruits.

But practice shows that seeds collected from four-chambered specimens give more female flowers, there are fewer empty flowers on them.

In order to collect quality seeds, you should choose the largest fruits growing on the strongest and healthiest bushes. In order not to accidentally rip off selected specimens, you can mark them with bright ribbons tied at the base. To exclude the option of fruit rotting, a plank should be placed under it.

Let's watch a video about self-picking cucumber seeds:

In order for the seeds to be of high quality and give a high percentage of germination, it is necessary to wait until the cucumber is fully ripe.

You can find out about the onset of this moment by the following signs:

  • the fruit has acquired significant size;
  • the skin color has changed to golden brown;
  • the stalk is withered.

These symptoms indicate that all the nutrients that could be obtained have already been obtained, and the seeds have reached a state of maturity. It is not recommended to pluck seed cucumbers before the tail is completely dry.

It is believed that you can get better quality seeds from fruits that will be picked in the fall, after the first freeze. Tempering helps to increase the yield of plants.

How to collect cucumber seeds, useful tips

It's time to review the collection process. When the fruit reaches maturity, it becomes brown or yellow, soft. If the cucumber seems too hard, it is better to let it rest for a few more days on the windowsill illuminated by the sun.

The plucked cucumber is cut in half, cut about 3-5 cm from the bottom, which was attached to the stems. If there are seeds in the cut piece, they are thrown away. It is not recommended to use such as planting material, the resulting crop may be bitter.

If we talk about how cucumber seeds are extracted, then it is most convenient to do this with a spoon. They are selected together with the pulp, placed in a sieve. It is better to rinse with running water until the mucus and pulp remains are removed.

But there is another option for obtaining planting material. He suggests that the seeds are not washed under water, but fermented. The selected material is poured into a clean glass container. Experienced gardeners recommend adding some clean water to the container. The resulting mixture is placed in a warm place for three days. Then add water to the container and shake well.

As a result of the procedure, all mucus from the seeds is separated.

The advantage of this harvesting option is the elimination of the shell that inhibits germination.

In the process of shaking, we will see that some of the seeds float to the top. These are dummies, they should be caught and thrown away, such shoots will not give rise.

We suggest watching a useful video on how to collect cucumber seeds and store them correctly:

Everything that is left at the bottom is considered high-quality planting material. It will need to be rinsed very well, preferably under running water. Then you can start drying.

How to dry seeds

The planting material is dried by spreading it in a thin layer on paper or a piece of cloth, you can also use a plastic wrap, well-washed grains do not stick to it at all.

The container is placed in a warm, dry place. It will take about a week to dry completely.

There is no need to rush, it is best if the planting material dries naturally. The ideal place is a windowsill illuminated by the sun.

Where, how and how many years can you store

After drying, you will need to properly organize storage. The ideal option is to sew canvas or linen bags, fill them with grains, and tie them with strings.

You can also arrange storage in paper envelopes or bags. It is not recommended to use cellophane airtight bags for such purposes.

Each sachet or pouch should be labeled with the date of collection and the grade.

The best storage temperature is in the range from + 10 C to + 18 - 20 C, the room must be dry.

As for the shelf life, cucumber seeds can be stored for 5-6 years, moreover, it is undesirable to sow seeds of the first year, they can give a lot of barren flowers. The best option is to sow the material aged for two to four years.

How cucumber seeds are selected: germination test

In order not to waste time in the sowing process, it is recommended to carry out a preliminary test for germination.

Selected samples are placed in a humid environment and kept for several days in a warm room.

The sprouts that appear will allow you to determine the percentage of germination of the material, which, in turn, will allow you to calculate the required seed supply.

In addition to natural features, seed germination is influenced by:

  • the degree of ripening;
  • collection and drying conditions;
  • storage conditions;
  • storage duration.

Knowing how to properly collect cucumber seeds, you can provide yourself with high-quality planting material. and in a couple of years - to get the harvest of the chosen variety.

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