Who are they - diseases and pests of strawberries?

Who are they - diseases and pests of strawberries?

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It takes a lot of effort to grow strawberries. And how annoying it is when the strawberries start to hurt, the bushes darken or dry out, and the berries become stained.

It is very important for every gardener to know what they are - diseases and pests of strawberries and how to effectively deal with them. A very dangerous ailment of fungal origin is gray rot. The disease is mainly typical for prolonged wet and damp weather. Brown soft spots appear on the berries, which lead to complete rotting.

Ways to combat the disease: all damaged berries must be removed immediately so that the rest do not get infected. Then the site must be treated with copper chloride 1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water). To prevent the appearance of gray rot, strawberries must be carefully removed from weeds and treated with the specified solution even before flowering.

Dark spots can appear on strawberry leaves and cause them to fall off. In this case, copper oxychloride is also used.

Powdery mildew is a disease that affects the entire aerial part of the berry. This disease can be prevented by removing all the old leaves of last year and treating it with potassium permanganate before flowering.

Strawberries are suffering from a mite infestation. A transparent strawberry mite is dangerous for young shoots; it is on green leaves that it lays its larvae and feeds on their juices. As a result of the defeat, the leaves turn yellow and die off. The berries on diseased bushes are very small. The mite must be fought by spraying with karbofos after harvesting, then mowing all the strawberries so that new unaffected bushes will grow before winter.

In order for diseases and pests of strawberries to appear during the ripening of a new crop, it is worth doing prevention in the fall.

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