Growing strawberries in bags is a profitable business

Growing strawberries in bags is a profitable business

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Strawberry is a wonderful berry with excellent taste and rich aroma. Strawberries are quite unpretentious to care for and can grow and bear fruit even in not the best conditions.

Traditionally, strawberries are grown in beds, which is not very convenient because you need to constantly bend over for processing bushes, picking weeds and harvesting. In addition, part of the crop that is not harvested on time simply disappears, spoiled by a bird or rotted on wet ground.

However, resourceful gardeners have come up with a unique method - growing strawberries in bags, which allows you to get a good harvest of berries without requiring much effort.

The essence of the method is as follows. Fill large bags of sugar or flour with soil and make small holes in them for strawberry bushes. The bags are hung vertically in a greenhouse or any other well-lit room.

In the same room, at a sufficient height, a tank with a nutrient solution is placed, from which a hose system is connected to the bags. This design allows you to centrally, evenly and effortlessly water and feed the bushes.

In addition, excess moisture, which strawberries do not like so much, will simply flow out of the bags.

If the plants are located indoors, then during flowering they must be artificially pollinated with a brush.

Growing strawberries in bags allows you to save one hundred percent of the harvest, since the berries do not come into contact with the ground and weeds, which prevents the process of decay and injury to the berries.

Another nice thing is that strawberries in bags can be grown year-round, which in turn can be a pretty profitable business.

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