A variety of curly beans in the garden

A variety of curly beans in the garden

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Curly beans are grown normally, especially on individual farms. Modern varieties reach a height of up to 3 meters.

How to grow curly beans

Plants take a long time to harvest. A number of conditions are needed.

  • Warm soils are good if they have a high level of humus;
  • This variety is distinguished by an increased need for nitrogen, this is due to the duration of the harvest;
  • She is sensitive to wind, she needs a lot of moisture;
  • Oversaturation with moisture in the soil is unacceptable.

The growth period of the variety must be taken into account when sowing. The last sowing date is the second half of May. It is better not to sow until May 15, as the variety is sensitive to night frosts. Curly beans require a frame. It is built even before sowing. Poles are needed - 2.5 m, if measured above the ground. Half a meter needs to be arranged underground. Two rows of poles are fastened so that the poles are fastened with a longitudinal bar at a height of 1.8 m. This will make the structure reliable, it will withstand strong winds.

Wire will also help. It is buried in the ground, and the ends are fastened, creating a pyramid. It is necessary to ensure that no shadow falls on neighboring vegetables. But sometimes such devices are used for practical purposes. The rows are spaced at a distance of 80 cm, a bed of normal width accommodates 2 rows. If the sprout reaches 15 cm, you need to huddle the nest. To harvest beans, you must be sure to maintain them. Care must be taken. They hold the sprout with one hand and harvest with the other. Curly beans ripen for about 80 days.

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