Symptoms of the disease of garden strawberries

Symptoms of the disease of garden strawberries

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Garden plants are very often affected by various diseases and insects. Some of the symptoms of garden strawberry disease go unnoticed by inexperienced gardeners, or are simply ignored for various reasons.

Therefore, in this article I will give the most common symptoms of garden strawberry disease and various signs of pest infestation of garden strawberries, as well as methods of dealing with them.

The first common symptom of strawberry disease is the appearance of spots on the leaves of the plant with a diameter of about 2 mm. At first, the spots have a reddish-brown tint, then turn white in the center and, over time, the center of the spot dies off, forming a hole. In rare cases, spots can appear on the whiskers, petioles and peduncles. To combat spotting, spray garden strawberries with Bordeaux liquid (100 g per 10 l). Spraying should be done either before flowering or after harvest.

There is also strawberry jaundice, in which the leaves acquire a mosaic color with yellow spots. Bushes with signs of this disease should be uprooted and burned, since such a plant disease cannot be treated.

If the strawberry bushes become dwarf, and the leaves become wrinkled and small, this is the greening of the strawberry petals, in which the berries become small and ugly, such strawberries should be uprooted and burned.

There are a large number of insect pests that affect garden strawberries. Methods of dealing with them are different - from spraying to processing plants in hot water.

It is important not to miss the symptoms of the disease of garden strawberries, to carry out the necessary measures in time, and, as a result, you will get a large and tasty harvest!

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