Strawberry beds and features of its cultivation

Strawberry beds and features of its cultivation

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The presence of strawberries in the garden of a summer resident suggests that he loves his site and puts a lot of effort into it. Also, before choosing a strawberry variety, you need to take into account the characteristics of your land plot and the characteristics of the climate.

In order to properly plant strawberries, you need to know the basics of its cultivation. At first. Strawberries cannot grow in the same place for more than four years (optimally three years). Secondly, the soil must be specially prepared before planting new plants. Fertilizers are used mineral and organic. The qualitative composition depends on the characteristics of the soil.

It is worth making new beds for strawberries in the evening or in cloudy weather, so that fresh bushes have time to settle down before they fall under the scorching sun. A good time to create new beds is the end of July. Strawberries love water, but too waterlogged soil can be harmful.

In order for the plants not to be crowded, a sufficiently large distance must be observed between individual bushes - at least 20 cm. Between two rows, the path should be about 60 cm.This will allow strawberries to give new shoots in the future without harming neighboring plants. It is best to remove every second bush after harvesting the first summer harvest, which will make the distance between them about 40 cm. At first glance, it seems that it is difficult to grow strawberries, but true gardeners find pleasure in it.

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