Alvar potatoes and their cultivation

Alvar potatoes and their cultivation

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Alvar potatoes belongs to high-yielding varieties and is distinguished by high ratings in terms of taste. Of this kind diseases and pests of potatoes Alvara is rarely seen in practice.

Potatoes and their varieties

In general, if you want to choose the most the best varieties of potatoes, then you need to build on a variety of criteria and factors. But in most cases, they pay attention only to the yield.

In this regard, the leading positions are occupied by Dutch potato varieties.

These include:

  • Red Scarlett
  • Impala
  • Fresco
  • Condor
  • Romano
  • Latona

If you prefer, for certain reasons, exclusively domestic varieties of potatoes, then Udacha, Golubizna, Lugovsky and Zhukovsky early are very popular. Their main advantage is that they do not degenerate, unlike foreign potatoes.

Growing potatoes
also depends on the ripening period of this vegetable. Among the early varieties, Timo, Explosion, Alena, Sprint are distinguished. The first harvest is usually obtained within 45-50 days after germination. Such varieties are the most resistant to late blight. However, this fact is not so important because the harvest is formed quickly.

Early potatoes
do not overexpose in the soil to avoid various diseases. It is not stored very long for the reason that the dormant period is quite short.

Thus, before how to plant potatoes, it is worth thinking carefully about which variety suits you best.

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