Buy the bulbs

The purchase and their conservation

Bulbous plants are purchased in September-October, although they are perennial species, which do not fear the cold, usually with spring or winter flowering; from the end of winter until late spring you can instead buy summer flowering bulbs; some bulbs, such as the amaryllis, can be found on the market for most of the year, since they can be flowered almost all year round. Particular attention should be paid to the purchase, as the bulbs, even in their vegetative inactivity, need some special attention, which if implemented will allow their flowering to succeed. Thus, during storage in sales areas, attention must be paid to the temperature of the environment, which must be kept low. Outside the controlled environment, like conservation cells, the life of bulbous plants remains active for about ten days, besides there is the risk that they may deteriorate.

How to choose the bulbs

The choice of your purchases will have to be based on your floral needs, and in some cases (for example if you have many meters of garden to cover) even at their price. In the market there is a range of bulbs at prices that indicatively range from 25 cents, for small bulbs, passing through 50 cents, up to about 1 euro. Of course there are also bulbs that have decidedly higher prices, over 5 euros, and that produce truly spectacular plants. In these cases, the advice of your gardener or nurseryman will be useful to you.
At the time of purchase, always remember that there are spring varieties, summer varieties and autumn varieties. It will be advisable to choose the right variety according to the period in which we would like to see our piece of garden or balcony bloomed. Depending on the variety chosen, we will also have to proceed with the different operations and with the different cultivation treatments to obtain the flowering and to prevent the bulbs from being damaged due to too low temperatures or other problems caused by atmospheric incompatibility.

Buying tips

When you want to buy bulbs, it is good to follow some small tricks, for example if the bulbs are exposed loose inside containers, check that on their surface there are no dents or small spots caused by fungi. Furthermore, the lower part, where the root apparatus develops, must be intact and of a hard consistency.
Sometimes the bulbs are individually packaged one by one in plastic bags. Also in this case, check that they are intact and that they do not show deterioration principles as mentioned for loose bulbs. The individually packaged bulbs generally contain sawdust mixed with peat, this to allow a better conservation thanks to the constant supply of humidity.

Buy the bulbs: How to place the bulbs

To obtain choreographic effects, you can buy various species of bulbs, such as yellow daffodils or tulips, in this case a label is kept for each species purchased, allowing you, after the flowering period, to remember the species of bulb that you will keep in small boxes , thus avoiding mixing: otherwise it will be difficult to distinguish a bulb of snowdrops from that of the muscari.
Once purchased, immediately burrow the bulbs, if this is not possible for various reasons, keep them at a temperature of 10 degrees and away from light.